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3 Days in Edinburgh: Itinerary IdeasIt’s easy to spend an entire week – if not longer – visiting just the Old Town of Edinburgh , so squeezing in a lot of sights in 3 days can be a challenge. It would be a good idea to make a list of the must-see places to visit in the city. This itinerary article hopes to do exactly that: highlight some of the most important places to visit and offer ideas on how to efficiently visit them.

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10 Days in Scotland : Itinerary IdeasScotland offers so many things to do and it’s quite impossible to create a “standard” 10 days itinerary which everyone will love. This itinerary visits Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Aberdeen, offering some interesting stops in between, too.

Itinerary assumptions:

You’ll be flying in/out of Edinburgh You’ll be staying in a hostel or budget hotel and use the public transportation to get around. A rental car is a good option for some trips Day 1 Edinburgh

After your flight to Edinburgh, take the

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What to Eat in Scotland: Famous Scottish FoodsHaggis and porridge are the most well-known Scottish foods but you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the locals actually eat a lot more foods and , as a traveler, you have enough choices for meals when you visit Scotland. And by the way, locals are just as likely to have a croissant for breakfast like us, travelers, are.


On Burns Night it’s a must but otherwise you won’t exactly catch people eating a lot of this rather bizarre

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Scotland in August

by Cristina on February 2, 2012

Scotland in AugustAugust in Scotland is equivalent to the famous events in Edinburgh: Festival Fringe and Military Tattoo. But , if you don’t plan to spend your entire vacation checking those events out, you can always visit the Scottish Highlands or head to other lovely cities. Oh, did I mention the weather is really unpredictable in August?


Remember what I said about July weather? Well, August weather is just the same: very unpredictable. You can be lucky and have absolutely lovely weather

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Scotland in July

by Cristina on February 1, 2012

Scotland in JulyUnfortunately, during summer the weather in Scotland is really unpredictable (didn’t I say this about spring as well?). Truth be told, you can be lucky and enjoy an entire vacation without a drop or rain…or one without a beam of sunlight. So, be prepared for either case. If you are caught in a downpour, you can always visit a museum while the weather clears.


July falls during summer and lovely summer is the most unpredictable season in Scotland. You

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Scotland in May

by Cristina on January 31, 2012

Scotland in MayWhile the weather in Scotland is always unpredictable, May is one of the months when you can bet there are at lest some sunny days to explore the outdoors. So make plans to visit the scenic Scottish Highlands, with their castles and lochs. Should a rainy day mess with your plans, then go shopping in Glasgow or sightseeing in Edinburgh.


The Scottish weather is very unpredictable and the forecast (whether you find it online, hear it on the radio

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