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Cheap Flights to Scotland

Search for cheap airfare to Scotland and book a flight to Scotland

One of the biggest expenses when planning a vacation in Scotland is the cost of the airline ticket. For someone outside Europe, the cost is higher than what you’d expect. However, flying through a large hub such as London can cut down the costs, especially if you choose a low-cost carrier for the last leg of the trip.

Although it might be a bit trickier than finding flights into London or Paris, you shouldn’t give up on spending your dream vacation in Scotland, exploring the castles , watching a football (soccer) game and tasting scotch .

Information on finding cheap airfare to Scotland

Cheap airfare to Edinburgh: it is the busiest airport in Scotland, served by plenty of European airlines. It doesn’t receive any direct flights from North America though.

Cheap airfare to Glasgow : it’s the second largest city in the country, well served by low-cost carriers. You’ll most likely land here if you fly from Europe. It does receive direct flights from North America, but it might be cheaper to fly through London.

Cheap airfare to Aberdeen : the third largest airport in the country receives flights from Europe through both large and low-cost airlines.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Scotland

With so many low cost carriers – such as EasyJet and Ryanair- flying into Scotland, it’s no wonder that cheap flights can be easily found. Not to mention that those who prefer to fly into London can get a cheap domestic flight to any of the major Scottish cities.

If you want to save some money on the long-haul flights (such as those from US) plan to fly in the middle of the week and not over the weekend. Also, try to avoid the high season, which is July and August and particularly August for Edinburgh (when the festivals take place), and choose to visit in late spring or early autumn.

Check all the possible ways to get into Scotland. You might find that it’s cheaper to fly into London and then take a domestic low-cost flight into Scotland but you can also fly into another European capital and then fly into Scotland.

To start your search for the cheapest ticket for your Scotland trip, use the search form below to get prices from different ticket providers around the web. Also, check our lists of Scotland travel deals.