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Around the Blogs: 20 December 2008

Here’s a look at what’s going on around the Scottish end of the blogosphere, as we get close to saying cheers and farewell to 2008.

  • Best. Photos. Ever. : If you want to see some of the best professional and amateur photographs of Scotland, updated daily, check out one of my favorite blogs right now, Flickr Scotland. Flickr is a great service, but wading through the millions of photos there can be daunting – these are only the best, and only for photos of Scotland.
  • From Nairn : A short post on MyNairn, from one of my favorite towns in Scotland, on the recent snowfall in the Highlands, and how it differs from the more extreme weather further South.
  • 6 Nations Rugby : We finally have the dates for Scotland’s Six Nations rugby tournament fixtures, starting at home against Wales on February 8th. Check out the rest at Scottish Rugby Blog.
  • Cricket history : Cricket has its first full-time professional cricket players. The sport has always been bigger down south (most Scots preferring the football or rugby), but this really is a historic time for the sport in Scotland. Read more at Cricket Scotland.
  • Honoring AC/DC : MSP Christine Grahame has filed a motion to honor the achievements of rock band AC/DC, two members of which were born in Glasgow. The coolest thing about it? The motion is actually called “AC/DC, We Salute You”.
  • Caviar, Scotland style : Watch video of Atlantic salmon being stripped of eggs at a hatchery. That is certainly something you don’t see every day, but it’s a great way to make more salmon, especially with wild stocks suffering.
  • DotScot : Scotland may get its own domain suffix (like .com). Makes for some interesting choices for blog and website names.
  • Fringe will survive : No, not Fox’s second attempt at The X Files. I’m talking, of course, about Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, one of the most important arts events of the year. According to this post at the Guardian’s theatre blog, it’s in no danger of missing a year.
  • And what’s New Years without lists? : The best of Edinburgh, according to a writer and New Zealand native.