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Around the Blogs: 30 December 2008

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on in the world wide haggisphere as we all raise a glass to 2008 and welcome the new year. Happy Hogmanay, everybody.

  • The Scottish government has announced a £10 million prize for advances in renewable wave and wind energy. Well done to Holyrood. (Wave Energy Today)
  • Thinking of having a Hogmanay party? Here’s a nice simple shortbread recipe (Cooking with Caroline)
  • Recognition for Jane Haining, Scotland’s answer to Oskar Schindler (Stop Genocide)
  • An interesting article on Stirling Castle history, with one of the better blog post titles ever (Medieval Material Culture Blog)
  • “In 2009, I shall go to a lot more gigs”. A resolution I can get behind, from a Glaswegian. (Wordspittings)
  • The Old Firm derby is the biggest football match in Scotland. Here’s the goal that decided it for Celtic (YouTube)
  • Some lovely pictures of Loch Morlich. I bet that wedding ring has a story. (Red2White)