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Around the Blogs: 8 February 2009

It’s been a while since we took a look at the newspapers and blogs around Scotland, so here’s a round up of recent posts from around the country. There’s talk of independence, not to mention a look at some very hot Scots, and a story from Scotland’s past.

Scotland’s Most Eligible : Scotland on Sunday released their annual list of the 100 most eligible Scots of 2009. Biggest complaint? Not nearly enough pictures.

Not Just on the Sidelines : The International Middle East Media Center announced that dozens of trucks with medical supplies are on their way from Scotland to the Gaza strip. Politics aside, be safe out there.

Not Just in America : The problem of greedy bankers taking bailout money to line their own pockets is hardly limited to Wall Street, as noted by blogger Gino Van de Walle.

Renewable Energy Hub : Scotland will play a vital role in the new North Sea Energy Grid, according to the The Journal.

A Trip Through the Highlands : “Castles there are like Starbucks, they are on every corner and are a guaranteed high.” Brilliant little travel post from The Wandering Writer Girl.

Lurching Toward Independence? : Frustrated by Scotland’s lack of power to address her own issues in the recession, support for independence is now up to 38%, compared to 40% against, according to the Sunday Herald.

They’ve Done It Again : Not many sites get repeat links on this column, but Flickr Scotland continues to be a favorite of mine, with this great shot of Cairngorm from Loch Morlich.

And last, a wee tale : A short story and 17th century Scottish history lesson, as retold on Dodie’s Dream World.