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Car Rental

Driving in Scotland is probably the best way to explore the country. Renting a car allows you to have the freedom to explore the country at your own pace, without having to stick to strict schedules. But if you are not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road, it’s better to choose other means of transportation during your vacation in Scotland.

Prices and Cars

Although it can get expensive over a long period of time, renting a car is a good choice if you want to explore a particular region, don’t want to stick to public transportation and want more freedom. The insurance is included in the rental price and you’ll have to use a credit car to pay (either online or directly at the company). Remember that you have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car in Scotland.

If you choose to rent when you arrive in Scotland, do remember that the prices tend to be higher at the airport. So, it’s better to take the public transportation to the hotel and then rent a car.

Prices very from company to company and from city to city although and are seasonal. A compact car can be rented from £18 per day but , depending on the company, at the airport in Edinburgh prices start at £44 per day for a small car (if you pay online).

Some of the car rental companies in Scotland include

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Driving in Scotland

In Scotland, driving is on the left and overtaking on the right. British roads are the safest in the European Union although they can be busy at times. But traffic can be busy at peak times and the country lanes are narrow. There are no toll roads in Scotland.

The speed limit on motorways is 112kph/70mph and in towns 48kph/30mph. On major roads, the speed limit is between 65kph/40mph and 96kph/60mph. In residential areas, the speed limit is 35kph/20mph. Seat belts are compulsory in front and in the rear (if the car is fitted). The minimum driving age is 17 in Scotland, but to rent a car you need to be at least 25. It is illegal to use the cell phone while driving (use hands-free).

If your driving license is UK style (pink) or includes description in English you don’t need an international driving license.

Roundabouts are a common feature in Scotland. You need to give way to all vehicles coming from your right. Always turn left on entering the roundabout.