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Get Around Europe by Air this Summer

planeIt’s no wonder summer is the most popular time to visit Europe. The weather is just better, make all those beautiful and historic sights look all the more lovely, and backpacker hostels and European trains are full with young travelers taking a post-graduation victory lap of the continent. For many, it’s their first experience exploring the world away from the safety and security of home, and it’s one that will leave them bitten by the travel bug forever.

If that’s you,  whether you’re planning your first jaunt around Europe or if round-the-world travel is old hat to you by now, we’ve got some of the best resources for planning your trip, including great deals on airfare. The image many people have of a trip around Europe includes lots of long hours spend riding the rails, and while many people prefer to travel in Europe that way, it’s not the only option for travelers on a budget.

There are dozens of budget airline fares available every day and to destinations all over Europe. Sometimes, you can find such cheap flights in Europe that  it actually costs much less to fly than it does to take the train, so you can save money and save time on your travels.  If you plan on making multiple air journeys, check out round-the-world airfares, which can save you even more money. You may not have the freedom of hopping on a train at every whim, but you can save money and you’ll have more time to spend in each destination.

Photo by Dave Huets