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Getting from Aberdeen to Inverness

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city and it’s known as one of the best British cities to get higher education in. Aberdeen is also famous for its parks , old buildings, harbor and beach.

Inverness is the most northerly city in the British Isles and is located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Aside from being the gateway into the scenic Scottish Highlands, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Although both cities are served by airports, the short distance – 104 miles – between them does not require traveling by plane. Of course, there aren’t any flights available (the only connections are via London).

Quick summary

The cheapest option for traveling between Aberdeen and Inverness is the bus, but the travel time is about 4 hours. To get from Aberdeen to Inverness (or the other way around) faster, you can take the train.

Trains from Aberdeen to Inverness

First Scot Rail operates daily trains between Aberdeen and Inverness. Train run about every two hours , between 6:14 a.m. and 9:55 p.m. The cheapest standard single fare is £8.20 and the travel time is 2h 10 min.

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Buses from Aberdeen to Inverness

Stagecoachbus UK operates buses between Aberdeen and Inverness. Tickets and timetables are available on Megabus website, as well. There are seven departures per day from Aberdeen, between 8:50 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. The travel time is 3h 50 min and the single fare is £1.00.

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Driving from Aberdeen to Inverness

You can also rent a car and drive the 104 miles between Aberdeen and Inverness on A96. The drive time is about 2 ½ h.

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