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Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu ; Scots: Glesga

GlasgowGlasgow is home to excellent shopping (best outside London), great museums, incredible city center and beautiful parks. It’s also the gateway to the Highlands and Islands.


Glasgow stands on the River Clyde, in Scotland’s west central lowlands. It’s the largest city in Scotland.

How to get to Glasgow

Glasgow International Airport (GLA) is the city’s most important airport. It receives both domestic and international flights (Canada, USA, Dubai). Many tourists arrive via London as there are frequent connections on low cost airlines from London’s Heathrow to Glasgow International Airport. To find the best prices on flights to Glasgow, use the search form on the right side of the page, or check out our list of deals to Glasgow, updated daily from sites all over the web.

Glasgow Prestwick International Airport (PIK) is the second airport in the city served by low-cost carriers and charters.

There are two main train stations in the city, connecting Glasgow to the rest of the UK. Glasgow Central receives trains from England and west Scotland, while Queen Street Station receives trains from the rest of Scotland.

Motorways connect Glasgow to the rest of the country.

Ferries connect the city to Northern Ireland and Belgium. Learn more about getting from Ireland to Scotland.

Accommodations in Glasgow

There are abundant options for places to stay in Glasgow, from the heights of luxury to the most basic hostel. We can help you find the perfect Glasgow hotel or Glasgow hostel for your trip.

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Things to do

Glasgow is very pedestrian friendly. A lot of the shopping streets are pedestrian only and there are several foot bridge crossings over the River Clyde.

Some of the must-see buildings in Glasgow include:

  • the Clyde Auditorium
  • City Chambers, located in George Square, was built in Italian Renaissance style. Tours are available daily
  • Glasgow Cathedral, dating back to Medieval times
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • Glasgow University
  • the House for an Art Lover
  • Scotland Street School is opened daily and you can visit it for free

There are several museums and galleries to be visited as well. Please note that most of the galleries are closed on Sunday. Don’t miss visiting the Museum of Transport which houses a very interesting collection of buses, trams, planes and even a recreated subway station. People’s Palace is a very interesting folk museum.

Glasgow is proud to have more parkland than anywhere in the UK. The most famous of the parks is Glasgow Green, which is home to several important monuments and is also the preferred place where concerts and open air events are held in Glasgow.

There are many places to spend a nice night out in Glasgow. On any given night there are enough places to choose from where you can listen to a live band playing while you enjoy a drink.

If you are a football fan, don’t miss watching a match of one of the two biggest football clubs in Scotland, both based in Glasgow: Celtic and Rangers. Check out the latest news on both teams at Celtic Offside and Rangers Offside.

Glasgow (or specifically, one of its suburbs) is also the starting point of the West Highland Way, one of the country’s most scenic hiking trails.

Climate and temperature

Glasgow doesn’t have a similar climate to the rest of the cities in Scotland. Due to its location, the Gulf Stream ensures a much warmer climate. The hills surrounding the city keep the humidity relatively high and the temperatures are generally higher than in the rest of the country.

Spring – March to May – is mild but cold, while the flowers in bloom make very beautiful scenery. Summer – May to September – can be either mild and wet or sunny and warm. Winter is damp and cool. The hottest month is July.

Jan: avg high 43F/6C; avg low 34F/1C
Jul: avg high 66F/18C; avg low 52F/11C

Famous Glaswegians

As the biggest city in Scotland, Glasgow is naturally the home to many famous Scots. Some of the most famous Glaswegians include scientific genius Lord Kelvin, indie rock icons Belle and Sebastian, and Scottish comedians Billy Connelly and Craig Ferguson.