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Hotels Near Edinburgh Airport

The most common way to fly directly into Scotland (rather than drive or train it from down south) is through Edinburgh Airport (EDI). There are direct flights from London as well as several cities in continental Europe, many of them on low-cost budget airlines like RyanAir or easyJet. Like any destination city in Europe, there are hundreds of hotels and hostels to choose from in Edinburgh, but if you are looking for accommodations close to the airport, rather than in the city centre, there are a lot fewer options.

Edinburgh Airport is located about 6 miles west of the city centre, so it’s not one of those cities where the airport is a long drive away. Still, if you are flying out of Edinburgh early in the morning, or if you just want to avoid the crowds inside the city, a place close to the airport might be best. Here are some of the hotels closest to Edinburgh Airport, ordered by current price, cheapest to most expensive.

Map of Edinburgh Airport Hotels

Check out the map to see the location of each hotel and where it is in relation to the airport. Edinburgh proper is just off the right side of this map. To find out more about each hotel, put your mouse over the blue hotel markers, or scroll down to the descriptions below the map.


Hilton Edinburgh Airport

Starting around £64
This hotel has two big advantages – it is the closest to the airport and the cheapest on our list. For an airport hotel, it also has an impressive list of amenities, including an indoor pool and fitness club, sauna, and 22 meeting rooms for the business traveler.


Quality Hotel Edinburgh Airport

Starting around £70
Like a lot of airport hotels, this Quality Hotel is nothing fancy, but what it does, it does well. It’s about as close to the airport as the Hilton, not significantly more expensive, and offers a large (rather than a token continental) made-to-order breakfast, so early flyers can avoid the minefield that is airline food.


Novotel Edinburgh Park

Starting around £70
This is the farthest one of our listed hotels from the airport, but is still within a short shuttle ride and well outside of the city centre. It offers the advantage of being close to the airport, and close to the city, but not right next to either one. This is also the newest of the hotels listed here, only finished in 2008. Its location close to the Edinburgh Business Park can be advantageous for some business travelers.


Marriott Hotel Edinburgh

Starting around £80
Like the Novotel, the Marriott is neither right next to the airport nor in the city, but almost exactly between the two. There is a nice little park (Gyle Public Park) just across the street. It is located on a fairly busy street, so it can get loud at night unless you ask specifically for an interior room.


Norton House Hotel and Spa

Starting around £99
For being so close to the airport, this is as far as you can get from a traditional (boring) airport hotel. The building itself is a lovely Victorian house, and the leisure and spa facilities are second to none. In addition to a overnight stay, the hotel is a popular place for weddings, a testament to just how pretty the place is. If all you want is a functional place to sleep, this is probably overkill, but for the next step up in comfort and elegance, this is a great choice.

Do your own search

If these hotels aren’t quite what you’re looking for, and you want to search for an Edinburgh hotel yourself, just enter your travel dates into the search form below and you will have access to hundreds of hotels in and around the city.