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Planning the Perfect Vacation in Greece This Summer

paraliaWe all know that Scotland has cooler and wetter summers than other European cities located at the same latitude. And although the country does have quite a mild climate, the idea of soaking up the sun on a Greek beach surely appeals to many.

Airfare to Athens is not hard to find and with some luck you can grab a good deal from one of Scotland’s large airports. For example if you want to avoid the summer heat and crowds and plan to fly to Athens in mid-June, rates start at £230 RT (from Glasgow on easyJet). A very easy way to grab the deals is to sign up for the low-carrier’s newsletter and plan your vacation around their special deals.

Also you can buy the Greek ferry tickets in advance (up to 2 months) so that you don’t need to worry about much when you get to Athens. It’s quite easy to plan an island hopping itinerary even without the help of a travel agent. But you’ll surely find the iPhone apps for Greece useful when planning your vacation. Aside from being able to check the ferry schedules, you can also use them to learn Greek phrases, which surely come in handy if you plan to visit one of the hidden islands.

Do remember to pack your sunscreen and wear it even when you just walk in the villages. The sun in Greece is hot and can burn your skin easily. Dress lightly but make sure not to look like a tourist (please leave the shorts and sport shoes at home).

Make sure to try at least some of the Greek delicacies such as tzatziki, grilled octopus, souvlaki and the world-famous lamb. If you have a sweet tooth then baklava will surely appeal to you. And don’t forget to wash them down with ouzo and traditional Greek wines.