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Scotland in July

Unfortunately, during summer the weather in Scotland is really unpredictable (didn’t I say this about spring as well?). Truth be told, you can be lucky and enjoy an entire vacation without a drop or rain…or one without a beam of sunlight. So, be prepared for either case. If you are caught in a downpour, you can always visit a museum while the weather clears.


July falls during summer and lovely summer is the most unpredictable season in Scotland. You can have anything from lovely, sunny days to rainy days which can spoil your mood and vacation. But even when it’s sunny, don’t expect to be hot.

Sample temperatures

Aberdeen avg high 17C ; avg low 10C
Edinburgh avg high 18C; avg low 10C
Glasgow avg high 18C; avg low 11C
Inverness avg high 17C; avg low 11C

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Flights and accommodation

Although the weather is unreliable, July does fall during summer, when most Europeans take their vacations. So, expect to find crowded sights and make sure you look for flights ahead of time (book one at least 4 to 8 weeks before departure, unless you plan to wait for a special sale). When it comes to accommodation, book the hotel room ahead of time. If you think the prices are high, you can always choose one of the hostels (most of them have private rooms, too).

Things to do

When traveling during such an unpredictable season, you have no choice but to always have a back up for the rainy days. And yes, an umbrella.

If the weather is nice, exploring the outdoors is a delight, so make sure to visit the Scottish Highlands . Rent a car and tour the scenic area at your own pace, for example. Nessie and Loch Ness are waiting for you and so are the superb castles located in the area. You can also plan to check out the island of Skye, as well.

Should rainy days mess with your outdoor plans, then head to the cities. Edinburgh with its superb castle and stunning architecture is a lovely place to visit. And you can always try the local “bizarre foods”: haggis anyone?

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is a shopper’s paradise. It has the best shopping outside London and, to everyone’s delight, you don’t need to break the bank to actually afford something. Hit the outdoor markets and try the local food or get some souvenirs for those back home. Or , if caught in a downpour, head to one of the shopping centers. If you have a sweet tooth, visit the Tunnocks chocolate factory, which is located closed to the city.

And let’s not forget about whisky … The Scotland’s national drink might appeal to many visitors. You can even follow a Whisky trail and taste the various flavors.

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