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Scotland in May

While the weather in Scotland is always unpredictable, May is one of the months when you can bet there are at lest some sunny days to explore the outdoors. So make plans to visit the scenic Scottish Highlands, with their castles and lochs. Should a rainy day mess with your plans, then go shopping in Glasgow or sightseeing in Edinburgh.


The Scottish weather is very unpredictable and the forecast (whether you find it online, hear it on the radio or see it on TV) is unreliable. So planning the things to do far in advance is not exactly possible. One day it might be gorgeous but next day you could wake up to a downpour.

Spring is probably the best time to visit Scotland. By May, the weather settles down and you can actually enjoy some nice days to spend outdoors. Don’t expect high temperatures though. Even if the sun is shining, a long sleeve top is required.

Sample temperatures

Aberdeen avg high 12C ; avg low 5C
Edinburgh avg high 13C; avg low 6C
Glasgow avg high 15C; avg low 6C
Inverness avg high 13C; avg low 6C

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Flights and hotels

Although not part of the high season, May is a very popular month to visit Scotland. So, make sure you look for flights ahead of time and book one at least 4 to 8 weeks before departure. Also, when it comes to accommodation, check out the hotels ahead of time and if the prices are a bit too high, you can always opt for one of the hostels .

Things to do

No trip to Scotland is complete without visiting Edinburgh …and tasting whisky …among plenty other things, of course. Whisky is the national drink and you can take the Whisky trail and taste different flavors of malts. If your taste buds don’t agree with drinks, then plan to visit Edinburgh and try the local “bizarre foods”… there are plenty, trust us! How about trying the mince ‘n’ tatties? It’s basically mince, potatoes and gravy…all mashed up.

Don’t forget your camera as you’ll have plenty of things to photograph and visit. If you have a thing for castles, then you’ll be in seventh heaven here.

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Or maybe you want do some shopping. That’s when Glasgow gets your attention. It doesn’t matter how much you are willing to pay, the city has shopping options for any budget. And of course, you can always hit the outdoor markets. If you have a sweet tooth, visit the Tunnocks chocolate factory, which is based near Glasgow.

And since this is May and the weather is nice enough to allow for exploring the outdoors, you should plan to visit the Scottish Highlands . Rent a car and tour the scenic area at your own pace. You can pay Nessie a visit (yes, visit Loch Ness ) and check out the superb castles located in the area. And don’t leave Scotland without visiting the island of Skye.

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Photo credit : Cristian Luguzan via Facebook