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Spooky travel destinations

It’s the week right before Halloween so please, bear with me. I’ve got spooking things and places in my mind… so how about visiting a … spooky destination? When it comes to mythical lake monsters , Nessie is the name everyone knows. It’s the “resident” of Lock Ness, a lake located in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness. Nessie has become “a star” as soon as his photo became public back in the 1930’s. Although many claim they’ve seen shadows in the water, no one can vouch Nessie exists. And by the way, the ruins of Urquhart Castle are locked on the lake’s shore.

Still, if you plan to try to see him with your own eyes, start by booking one of the cheap flights to Edinburgh . Or you can look for flights into Inverness, if you don’t plan to do additional sight-seeing along the way.

With the flight booked, now it’s time to find the accommodation. Hotels in Scotland range from affordable to expensive, just like in any other country. Sure, if you decide to spend some days in Edinburgh, your budget will suffer a bit – unless you book a bed in hostel. In Inverness you can find rooms starting at £35 per night.

In case Nessie lets you down, you can head to Lake Van, in eastern Turkey, which is home to another mythical creature: Van Gölü Canavari. This is one of the “new” monsters and has been spotted since 1995. Or you can head to Sweden to see Storsjöodjuret, probably the “oldest” monster which inhabits a European lake.

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