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Things to Do in Scotland

Once you have decided to visit Scotland, your next decision would be to figure out what you want to do here. Visit Edinburgh? Or head to Loch Ness? What about visiting some of the interesting castles? Watch a football match or taste some Scotch? Or maybe talking a walk in one of the parks in Glasgow?

There is a lot to do and see in Scotland so let’s take a look at some of the most important places to visit.

The Cities

Like any travel destination, a visit to Scotland will almost certainly begin in one of the country’s major cities.

  • Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is a vibrant city filled with cultural and historical gems, and is famous for its festivals, especially the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Glasgow is the largest and most populous city in Scotland, and home to the nation’s biggest airport. If you’re taking a flight to Scotland, it will most likely arrive in Glasgow.
  • Inverness is the northernmost city in Scotland and gateway to the beautiful and rugged Scottish highlands.

Once you’ve decided which city to visit (or which to visit first), check out our list of day trips from Scottish cities.


The Scots invented the game of golf, and Scotland is home to some of the greatest courses on Earth. You can even play on the oldest golf course in the world.

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Over the centuries there have been more than 2,000 castles built across Scotland. Today, although many are in ruins, they still attract visitors from all over the world. Located in really romantic settings, the Scottish castles are the perfect places to take incredible photos and enjoy a bit of history.
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Come hear the iconic sound of the Scottish bagpipes or check out the more modern music scenes of the cities, especially Glasgow.