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toursTours are a great way to explore any country and Scotland doesn’t make an exception. There are tours for any type of traveler and any budget. Without a doubt, the Scottish castles and the day tours are among the most popular among tourists, but there are plenty other things to do and explore in Scotland.

Nature tours

Nature tours are a big part of Scotland. The lakes, hills and meadows hide plenty of wildlife you can observe. There are nature centers and national parks waiting for the travelers to enjoy nature responsibly. May and June are traditionally the most popular wildlife watching months in the Highlands.

City tours

When visit a city, tours can be an excellent way to see most of the important landmarks without losing time figuring out how to get from one place to another. In each large city there are tour operators (and it won’t be hard to see the bus tours). A 60 minutes tour in Edinburgh starts at £12 for an adult.

Day tours

Many companies offer day tours in Scotland. There are many interesting places close to the cities and you can easily plan such a day tour once you get to Scotland. You can explore Loch Ness and Highlands (£39 for an adult), Rosslyn Chapel and Scottish Borders (£27 for an adult) or St Andrews & the Kingdom of Fife (£30 for an adult).

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Adventure tours

Scotland is blessed with a variety of landscape, which means there are plenty of opportunities to plan an adventure here. Whether you want to go hiking or ice-fishing and if you think you are up for it, check out these Scotland adventure tours and choose the one suitable for your vacation.

Top Scotland Adventure Tours

Norwegian Fjords and Polar Bears 15 days, $7999
This tour departs from Edinburgh, explores the Orkneys and Shetland Islands and continues to explore Norway’s stunning fjords. You’ll be walking on glaciers and see spectacular wildlife.