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Although Scotland is not a very large country, it’s impossible to plan to see too many destinations on your vacation. Therefore, you should prioritize and ask questions such as “What do I want to see now?”, “What can wait until the next trip?” A good idea to book a tour which will take you to the most destinations on your list.

Airfare to Scotland

The first thing you need to think about when you plan a vacation in Scotland is the plane ticket. If you are already in Europe, you’ll be able to find a low-cost flight into one of Scotland’s large airports (Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen). If you fly from overseas, you’ll most likely come to Scotland by way of a direct flight from London, followed by a low-cost flight.

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The Scotland Travel Deals page is regularly updated with deals and discounts on Scotland travel and accommodation, with special attention on Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. You may be able to score some budget flights to Scotland by checking this page.

Where to Stay in Scotland

Choosing the right accommodation for you is also very important. There are hotels in Scotland which range from budget to luxury, and of course, there are hostels to choose from, which offer good prices and decent facilities.

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Getting around Scotland

Fortunately, the transportation system is well organized in Scotland. You can fly; take the train or the bus to get from one city to another. You can always rent a car if you want more freedom. Within the cities you can use the buses. Walking and cycling are also good alternatives in the cities.

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Vacation packages

Vacation packages are an excellent way to save money if you are willing to save some independence. They offer a cost-effective alternative to independent traveling. If you don’t want to worry about booking a flight, then a place to stay, then rent a car and figure out an itinerary, vacation packages will do all that for you and save some money (and time) in the process.