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Watching the World Cup in Scotland

This summer, the world’s biggest sporting event will take place, as the 2010 World Cup kicks off in South Africa. Sadly, Scotland football fans won’t get a chance to watch their beloved side take on the world’s best, since the team failed to qualify for yet another major tournament. But that doesn’t mean that football-mad Scotland won’t be watching the World Cup, or that the legendary Tartan Army supporters group won’t make themselves seen and heard at the event. For those not planning on a trip to South Africa for the event, there are plenty of ways to watch right here in Scotland.

The first way to watch is, of course, on the television at home. For Scots or those staying in Scotland throughout the tournament, there’s no better time to make the move to high-definition TV. Watching the World Cup in HD lets you experience all the action not only on the pitch, but in the stands and beyond, in the best possible clarity short of being there yourself.

While some might prefer to watch matches in the comfort of their own homes, many fans want to revel in the beer-soaked glory of matchday at the local pub. You will be sure to find plenty of fellow fans at just about any pub in Scotland on the World Cup matchdays. Just don’t come in with an England shirt on, unless you know that the pub is England-friendly. The rivalry between the so-called “Auld enemies” is still very strong in some parts of the country.

There is also a new way of watching matches in the UK for this tournament – in 3D. Selected theaters will show up to 25 matches of this World Cup in 3D. Check your local cinemas for details.

The World Cup is the most-watched and greatest sporting event of all, and with some of the most passionate fans anywhere, Scotland can be a great place for fans of any team to watch the tournament.