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What to Eat in Scotland: Famous Scottish Foods

Haggis and porridge are the most well-known Scottish foods but you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the locals actually eat a lot more foods and , as a traveler, you have enough choices for meals when you visit Scotland. And by the way, locals are just as likely to have a croissant for breakfast like us, travelers, are.


On Burns Night it’s a must but otherwise you won’t exactly catch people eating a lot of this rather bizarre food. You can find it in pubs though and is traditionally served with mashed turnips (neeps) and tatties (that’s mashed potatoes for you and me).

Black Pudding

It’s another rather bizarre food which can be eaten in Scotland and the locals traditionally eat it at Hogmanay. This is a blood sausage , but you won’t find just pork blood in the mixture. There are also meat, fat, onions, chestnuts and oatmeal (to name some of the ingredients). You can find it as part of the full English breakfast.

Fish and Chips

You can find excellent places which serve fish and chips in Scotland and yes, you can order it in a pub, too. The fish used is cod or haddock. Sometimes pickled onion is served alongside the dish, but it’s optional.

Mince and Tatties

For you and me, that’s browned mincemeat with onions and carrots, served with mashed potatoes.


It’s a dish made with boiled cabbage, carrots, potatoes and turnips.

Arbroath smokie (smoked haddock)

It’s salted, smoked fish which is usually eaten for breakfast. Smoked salmon, considered a delicacy, is also prepared the same way and eaten is part of the Scottish foods.

Dundee pie and Forfar bridie

Dundee pie is an excellent choice for a go-to-meal. Or you can get a Forfar bridie which contains mutton and spices.

Scones (bread)

They are the perfect reason to eat some delicious jam and clotted cream, too.

Dundee cake

It is a Scottish fruit cake , which contains currants, sultans and almonds.

Bannocks (Oatcakes)

It’s made of oatmeal and takes the form of a biscuit and is baked on a griddle.


Scots tend to add whisky to everything, particularly jam and marmalade. But, most importantly, it’s the most popular beverage in Scotland, which should be at least tasted during your visit.

Photo credits: Haggis , Black Pudding , Fish and chips , Mince and Tatties , smoked haddock , scone , Dundee cake , Bannocks , Whisky