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Working holiday in Australia

Working holidays are excellent excuses to change the scenery, escape the daily routine back home or take a year out of your life. Why wouldn’t you want to experience new things?

For the English speakers, Australia is one of the most sought destinations for such a vacation. It is possible to work any kind of job during a working holiday in Australia, but you can work the same job with the same employer for 6 months only on the same visa. So when you look for working holiday jobs in Australia make sure to take into account the details.

Before you look for cheap airfare to Australia , it’s worth it to look for the types of jobs you can do. The service industry requires work force all the time but the competition is pretty fierce, so make sure to have a well written CV available. Fruit picking and agricultural work don’t require much and they are quick ways to get money when you travel. Backpackers adore these jobs. Hostel jobs are also popular among backpackers as they offer a quick way to get some money (or work in exchange of accommodation, for example).

Temp work is more suites for the qualified workers. Make sure to bring proper attire (office type) and a well written CV. If you like babies an au pair job is a good choice.

As soon as you’ve got your eyes on a job, make sure to ask the agency (or website handling the details) what paper work you’ll need. Then, do your research at the embassy for the visa requirements. When you’ve got everything scheduled, look for hotels around Australia in case you need accommodation (or just want to plan so sightseeing in between work).

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